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June 4, 2024 newsletter

Trade Show Secrets: You Won't Believe How Much Tea Gets Spilled Inside this Newsletter 🏷️🫖

And I'm not even including the tea I spilled on myself when I sat down at my desk! From our brand new pricing page, the value of a custom Playwell set, to the trade show sets Playwell Bricks designed for Orchestry and for Metso's giveaway, no tea is safe! 🫖🍵

So pull up a cup of coffee (just to be on the safe side) and let's get newsletterin'. ☕️📰

You asked, and Playwell Bricks heard you loud and clear! ❔ 👂

Playwell Bricks dot com now hosts a PRICING page to answer your most pressing question about corporate custom sets made from genuine LEGO® bricks. 💲 🧱

RUN don’t walk to what’s sure to be a BUSY page 👉 ooh la la!

Have you ever wondered why a custom Playwell set made from genuine LEGO® bricks costs more than your average off-the-shelf kit? 🤔 Spoiler alert: there's a lot more happening behind the scenes than meets the eye! 👀💪

Each design has to take into account what parts are available and can be
shipped within a reasonable time frame. ⌚️ There are the branded boxes to
design to house your sets as well as any decals you might want. Then, there are instructions to create and finesse to make sure your recipients are getting the best building experience possible. There’s a lot going on!  🌟✨

And while I don’t want to be giving ALL of our secrets away… you might find a
few in this article 🤫 ☕️

When Metso needed a unique giveaway for a live event, they contacted Playwell Bricks with an idea and TIGHT deadline. 🎁 🥳

It took a few Playwell designers to get this one buttoned up in time.. Jason
designed a custom van branded with the Metso logo, while Luka crafted a
minifig in a safety vest. 👷 Meanwhile, CJ worked some Playwell magic to make the minifig non gender specific to meet Metso's requests. 🚐 🚐 🚐

Once everything was done and delivered, Metso was thrilled with the outcome.
In fact, they've already placed a second order! 🥳

Want to read more? Well, sorry, you can't. 😢

UNLESS you smash that button below, that is. 😎

📅 Since its launch in 2020, Orchestry has been tidying up Microsoft 365 sprawl like a janitor bot in a sci-fi flick. Their first-ever live event was about to happen at ESPC2023, but with thousands of attendees buzzing around, standing out was trickier than surviving a raid in an MMORPG. 🎮

Classic swag? Too predictable. Instead, they rolled outa Playwell Bricks custom
garbage truck set that’s more delightful than a perfectly executed code. Litter-ally. 🗑️🧩🚛

For more on this case study, click the button below to answer what has four
wheels and flies 🛞 🛞 🛞 🛞 🛫

If you've got a trade show or corporate event on your calendar that you need some custom Playwell magic for, don't wait until last minute! The more time Playwell Bricks designers have to perfect your custom set, the more thrilled you'll be with the results!

Use coupon code WELCOME10 for 10% off your first order.


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