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July 2, 2024

Build, Sustain, Create: Crafting Better Futures with Playwell Bricks 🌍

Greetings brick stans! We’ve fielded a few questions about Playwell Bricks’ commitment to sustainability of late, so this week we’re here to answer those questions. After that, I’m sharing an article about Playwell workshops with the gentle reminder that all LEGO® bricks used in corporate workshops are donated to kids’ programs.♻️👪🚸

I’m also showcasing what the team’s been up to with Cytiva’s MYSTERY blocks and a very special custom Playwell set designed to honour the late composer and playwright Jonathan Larson.🕵🧊🌈

Ooph. This all sounds very serious, doesn't it?😕

Worry not! I would never write you a letter without at least TRYING to make you laugh. Playwell CEO Jason has it covered this week, delivering the laughs as he tries to explain what the mystery medical boxes are for.🥸😝

Let’s talk about sustainability for a sec. Because OF COURSE a company that makes branded merchandise from wee plastic bricks doesn’t care about sustainability, amirite? 🌍 ♻️🌎 


Our custom Playwell sets are entirely REUSABLE. Don’t forget, this business got its start when Jason started buying up secondhand LEGO® sets to host creativity workshops for kids. Bricks are a huge part of the circular economy! ♻️ 🔄 

Unlike a branded pen, mousepad, or t-shirt, our branded merchandise can be passed on to your giftee’s child, nibling, or friend once they’re done with their set. And we DEFINITELY encourage that, but if that isn’t possible, the OG LEGO® Group has a re-playable option for genuine LEGO® bricks where your giftee can donate their bricks. 🧱♻️ 

Does the “R” in bricks stand for Re-use?

When global life sciences leader Cytiva needed high quality custom playable bricks sets made of their products, Playwell Bricks got to work. 🩺 ⚕️ 🎁 

Over the next ten weeks, Playwell Bricks designed and delivered FOUR different bespoke models based on Cytiva’s biomedical equipment to create 2500 custom Playwell sets. 😮 ‼️ 

If you, like me, don’t work in the field of biological research and are wondering what exactly these machines do, don’t worry. CEO Jason has you covered.  👀👀 👀 

“It’s a thing that does a thing.” 😛 

🙎 Erm…  

“More specifically, it’s a medical thing that does a
thing.” 😜 

🤦  Help me out here, Jason.  

“You put the little box in the thing, and the thing does something with the other thing in the box, and then the thing it does is read out on the readout. It is all very sophisticated.” 😉 

In the immortal words of Playwell designer/bard Luka Inaudi, “Calm down there, House MD.” 🩺

Every Playwell Bricks workshop is as unique as our clients. Once our team understands your goals for the workshop and the results you want to achieve, the experience is tailored to YOUR specific objectives. 🧵🪡🙌

Playwell Bricks workshops encourage your team to utilize the full potential of their imagination, foster connections, and enhance problem-solving skills by stimulating the areas of the brain associated with creative thinking and innovation. 🧱 🧠 🎨

How do we do that? By the POWER OF GREYSKULL. 💀🗡️

 No, wait, that’s not right. **Checks notes* 📝

 Sorry, um, by the POWER OF LEGO® BRICKS. 🧱 Yes. That does make more sense.

This very special custom Playwell design was created to capture the late Jonathan Larson’s New York apartment as it appears in the 2021 bio-flick Tick, Tick…Boom! If you’re not sure who Jonathan Larson is, I gotchu. He’s the playwright who taught us all how many minutes are in a year with his hit Broadway musical, Rent. 🎹🎧🎼

 Raise your hand if you just started singing “525 600 minutes” in your head. 🙋🎶🎵

That's it for this week! It's a big week for Very Important Holidays here in North America, featuring both Canada Day (July 1st) and Independence Day/Fourth of July in the United States (on, um...July 4th), and we'd like to wish everyone a lovely holiday, wherever you might be. 🥳

That said, we're an international team so there's always SOMEONE minding the bricks (even if it's a minifig), so don't hesitate to reach out if you need a custom set made from genuine LEGO® bricks. Planning for Christmas early? So are we! Contact us today and beat the rush!🤗

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