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Explore Our Innovative Workshops 

Custom Workshops With Genuine LEGO® Bricks

  • Interactive Learning Experience
  • Effective Team Building Activity 
  • Audience Specific Experiences
  • Suitable for All Organizations
  • Flexible Workshop Format 
  • Encourages Problem Solving

The Playwell Bricks passion for all things bricks drives us to provide exceptional experiences with every service offered. Therefore, Playwell workshops go beyond the typical bricks and buildings activities. Playwell workshops are a conversation starter, offering an enjoyable, inclusive, and efficient way to bring your employees or clients together. 

If you are looking for new, exciting and engaging ways to facilitate team building, boost business development or spread awareness about the culture of your organization, Playwell Bricks Workshops are exactly what you need!

Experience Playwell Workshops 

Playwell Bricks provides hands-on learning experiences through our playable bricks workshops. Suitable for all ages, our workshops help you create an environment that encourages creativity and teamwork.

Team Building

Playwell’s team building workshops have been carefully designed to inspire your team to work together. It serves as an exciting opportunity for collaboration amongst the members of your team, creating an atmosphere where challenging topics can be addressed openly and constructively. Additionally, these team building workshops also help you bring new employees together, solve workplace conflicts, and increase the performance of your team.


By stimulating specific areas of the brain associated with creative thinking and innovation, Playwell Bricks workshops encourage your team to utilize the full potential of their imagination. Moreover, our team building workshops ensure that everyone puts in their share of efforts and have their ideas heard. This is how Playwell workshops create a more inclusive and dynamic environment for encouraging fresh perspectives within a group.

Strategic Problem-Solving 

Using bricks to model complex designs, participants are encouraged to communicate and engage in conversations, generating ideas to problem-solve together. A Playwell workshop is a wonderful way to create a collaborative and constructive environment where your team members can explore creative solutions to overcome challenges.

What You Can Expect from Playwell Bricks Workshops 

Playwell Bricks loves offering exceptional experiences to our clients through play with genuine LEGO® bricks. Workshops are an excellent opportunity to facilitate co-operation within your organization and take your
business to new heights. 

Custom Activities

Every Playwell Bricks workshop is as unique as the clients we work with. Taking the time to understand your goals for the workshop and the results you want to achieve allows us to tailor the experience accordingly. 

Audience-Centered Experience

With Playwell’s experience in working with a wide range of organizations, big and small, our workshops are designed with keeping the audience in mind. This helps create activities that will help you achieve your goals while ensuring an enjoyable experience for your team. 

Encouraging Reflection

Playwell workshops set the stage for improvement by providing opportunities for participants to pause, analyze, and gain insights into their teamwork, communication, and problem-solving abilities. 

Why Choose Playwell Bricks for Workshops? 

Playwell Bricks focuses on helping clients foster creativity, innovation and resilience within their teams and organizations. This is done by using a range of creative problem-solving and facilitation techniques, including creative thinking and team building.

Jason has run workshops and training across multiple organizations with clients ranging from expansive global brands to small local businesses.  

Every Playwell Bricks workshop is designed specifically to meet the objectives of each client. In addition to being fun and interactive, they are also highly focused on the theme of the event. 

If you are looking for creative solutions to improve your relationship with your clients or employees, a Playwell Bricks workshop has you covered! Contact us to discuss your requirements today!


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