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May 27, 2024 newsletter

What Could Passion, Printed Pajamas, Pranks, and Porsche Possibly Have in Common? 🤨 🤷

Um… the letter P and some renegade commas? 🔍

Well, yes, that. But ALSO: Playwell Bricks, of course. 🧱

IMPOSSIBLE you say? Not at all, and in this week’s
newsletter, I’m going to prove it:

It was so much fun designing these office desks to help financial tech 💻company Chime welcome their team back to the office! After all, least some of those employees had to be dreading switching out their pajama pants for real pants 👖 after a few years of working from home. 🏠 The HORROR! 🫢

But the most thoughtful part of this order was the minifig accessories Chime requested so each employee could build their minifig to look like themselves. 🧒👩‍🦳👱‍♀️🧔👳👩‍🦱👩‍🦰👨‍🦳🧓 It’s the little things!

It was a passion for bricks led Playwell Bricks CEO Jason Pyett to envision a unique way to engage with corporate clients and partners. His mission was simple, but powerful: to use bricks to delight, inspire, AND deliver a competitive advantage 💯.

Since then, he’s had the privilege of collaborating with some of the world’s most recognizable brands, like Google and Porsche. 😎

What does Jason think drives his innovation and success? Find out by smashing the button below:

YouTube’s Tool Show 🛠 hosts Robert and Sarah had a brilliant idea 💡 for an April Fool’s prank. They wanted a brick version of what was then a mythical-level tool: the Milwaukee track saw 🪚. At the time, Milwaukee had hinted about this saw many times, but it failed to materialize, becoming something of an in-joke among tool enthusiasts. 😅 So OF COURSE the Tool Show needed a brick version for April Fool's!

It was so much fun to see Robert and Sarah struggling to keep a straight face as they showed off the new tool, ALMOST as much fun as reading the comments to discover how many viewers were still fooled!  😂🤪

Click the button below for more:

Most clients haven’t designed a custom Playwell Bricks set themselves (or have they? 🧐) and may not be sure what information they should bring to their discovery call📞☎️. This handy article has been created to make this easier and to help you feel prepared. The main focus, for now, is: size, desired outcome, audience, branding, and volume. 📑

Once your design has shifted into concept phase, you’ll have more things to think about, such as printed bricks vs stickers, minifigs, graphics, which magical Jedi tricks you’d like me to use 🤓, and so on🖇📑.

For an expanded explanation of these, please see the full article at the jump.

There's always lots happening at Playwell Bricks! New to the website, in response to many requests, is a PRICING PAGE that's fancier than the latest season of Bridgerton.👗🤵 Okay, nothing's fancier than that, but still, it's pretty nice. You should check it out. ESPECIALLY If you had your hopes set on custom Playwell sets for the social (ahem!) I mean, trade show season, and want to determine your budget.📝🧮

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