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It’s all in the details: How to specify your custom Playwell model requirements

Beginning a project like a custom set or model can be overwhelming, that’s why we break it into so many phases!

In order to go into our Discovery Call feeling prepared, these are a few specifications we recommend bringing to the call:


Having a size in mind can be very helpful to our designers! Often times, size indicates budget… so something of substantial size will need a substantial budget!

Desired outcome

What does your company hope to gain from this set or model? Brand engagement? Increased employee productivity? Community partner appreciation? Whatever it is, the desired outcome will impact how we built the set or model of your dreams!


Who will be doing the build? Will it be adults who haven’t built for a while, kids who build frequently, or engineers that want more of a challenge? This will impact the different kinds of bricks we integrate into the design, and how we write up the instructions!


Will you want to incorporate your branding, logos and specific graphics into the set or model? This is good info for us to have from the beginning!


How many sets are you going to want? Where will you want to distribute them to? This information will help us pick the best supplier for your project needs!

We understand that the process is foreign to most people, this is why we start things off with a Discovery Call to go through the all the details and summarize the process. That way, your company knows the value that will go along with the cost!

After the Discovery Call, we’ll move onto the Concept Phase. The specifications that are hammered out during this phase are about the desired functionality. These are the play features and interactive features that we can integrate. For example, creating a puzzle out of a build rather than just creating instructions to the build.

Additional specifications are available:

- Printing on bricks and/or creating decals.

- Minifigures (cannot place brand logos on minifigures.)

- Design team to create graphics and branded

- Customizing of mailing list, we can mail your custom sets/models anywhere!

- Rushed service is available at additional cost.

No idea is too big or small, and we’re always excited to work out these specifications with you. Contact us today to get your next amazing creation started!

Let's build something together!

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