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May 21, 2024 newsletter

You Won't Believe What's Hiding Inside thisTrenchcoat of Triumph! 🦝🦝🦝🧥

In world of perfectly manicured social personas, it's easy to forget that success is often three failures in a trenchcoat 🦝🦝🦝🧥 .  "A willingness to fail" is an important part of trying the new things that it takes to find out what works.

More on this in the Batmobile® discussion below. But first, an exciting announcement!  😎

Playwell Bricks has $1000 CDN worth of LEGO® bricks to donate to a children’s organization. Are YOU such an organization?

Your organization must to be able to issue a tax receipt and you will need to be local OR willing to pay for shipping. For reference, Playwell Bricks is located in Middle Musquodoboit, NS, Canada (Central Nova).

The LEGO® bricks being donated are ten sets of the one shown in the graphic above, used only twice for corporate workshops.

IMPORTANT:  to enter,you must comment on one of two social media posts and tell us why LEGO® bricks are such an important tool for childhood development. You can comment on the Facebook post or the LinkedIn post. The winning entry will be selected on June 1st, 2024!

Why children's organizations? "This is one small way to give back. Since everything Playwell Bricks is now is the result of working with children, this is the perfect fit," Jason explains.

"After facilitating corporate workshops, the bricks are donated to a local children's organization. On top of that, to help people become more aware of local children's organizations, they are asked to comment on the contest post. It really is a win, win, win for everyone involved!"

What do you do when you’re wrapping up the construction of the largest mass-engineered timber building in Western Australia? Well, first off, you’re going to start winning a metric tonne of awards for the groundbreaking, eco-friendly design.

THEN you’re going to contact Playwell Bricks to design some custom models made from genuine LEGO® bricks to commemorate the build. Which is just what Multiplex Global Limited did as they finished construction of the Boola Katitjin for Murdoch University’s Perth Campus.

Our CEO Jason, who apparently has his own tonne of SECRET SKILLS hidden in his back pocket, pulled out his architecture skillset (seriously, Jason?? Any other secrets tucked away???) so he could design this model based on the architectural plans.

This one is a WHOPPER. The completed brick set is THREE QUARTERS OF A METRE LONG!! And look at it, it’s gorgeous! I want to go to school there. Turn me into a minifig and pay my tuition, I am ALL IN.

Get more details and so many more pictures of this gorgeous design via the big black button below.

There’s nothing like a rush order to get the blood pumping and the design senses tingling! Clients are always worth the extra rush, ESPECIALLY if that client is global investment group Bain Capital AND two competitors already told them ‘no.’ 🧐

With ONLY THREE DAYS 😳 to design the latest in the Virgin Voyages Lady fleet, Resilient Lady, calls were held and focus was the word of the day(s). The most important thing was capturing the unique shape of the ship... and remaining calm. 🛳⛴🚢

Was the design completed in time to have the parts ordered, instructions completed, and the sets shipped to Bain Capital in time? 🙀

Of course it was. OOPS! I meant to say: FIND OUT in our latest project post: Unveiling the Resilient Lady, at yon button below:

Did you know that every order begins with LISTENING? 👂😊👂

Before designers are brought in, it's vital to understand what you, the client, NEED. These needs can run the gauntlet from personal mementoes to improved employee engagement. 🕵️‍♂️

If your team needs a basket of kittens made from genuine LEGO® bricks to improve employee morale, that’s what you're going to get! And those kittens are going to be ADORABLE. 🧺😽😻😺😼

Once your need is understood, the designers start creating a product that will fulfill those needs. That initial design is then informed by your feedback. More kittens, you say? Well, that feedback will be used to push that first design into something even better. ALL THE KITTENS. 😽😻😺😼The goal is always excellence, even if it takes a few drafts to get there.🤓

If you're ready to learn more about what's like to work with Playwell Bricks, do I ever have the article for you!

📞☎️ The year was 2021 and a phone call was coming that would change everything.📞☎️

Elsewhere, Google was teaming up with Stink Studios to rebrand their VRP program into Google Bug Hunters. Their ethical hackers were hungry for swag, and they needed swag that was as innovative as Google while keeping true to their fun and playful rebrand. 😎

A few of the hackers mentioned custom bricks sets and Stink Studios hit the Google search engine for someone who could help. Playwell Bricks was still relatively unknown on the corporate circuit, but Stink Studios was impressed enough by the designs they saw to pick up the phone and call. 🎉

It was the kind of phone call every burgeoning business dreams of. 🤯

If you’d like to read a case study about these custom Google Bug Hunters sets and get a better look at all ten 👀, click on the magic portal below:

A Brick Hope. The Force Abrickens. Return of the Bricki. 🤓 These are just a few of the terrible jokes  shared while working on a commission to build the main house 🏠 at Skywalker Ranch as a custom microscale set made from genuine LEGO® bricks.

Hitting the bullseye 🎯 on a design challenge like this one isn’t as easy as womp rats in your T-16 back home, but Playwell Bricks was up to the challenge!

Did Garrett have stars in his eyes 🤩 as he built this one? Nope, he had STAR WARS in his eyes. "George Lucas and LEGO® inspired me as a kid to use my imagination to build what I dreamed. So building the Skywalker Ranch let me travel to a galaxy far, far away!" 💫🌟✨

For more details on this design, use the force to click the button below.  

Have you ever thought about creating your own custom set from LEGO® bricks, but you’re not sure where to start? If only there was a 7️⃣-step program that could help! 🧐

*cough. *cough.

From concept, structure, to the final decorations, this article has you covered. 💯

Those wild successes you see on social media? They’re actually three failures in trenchcoat. 🦝🦝🦝🧥

A willingness to fail is an important part of trying new things. 💯 Some of you might remember the 2023 Kickstarter for the Crusader’s Night Cruiser - the nickname given to the Batmobile® to keep the project on the happy side of legal. 😉

This Batmobile®, based on the animated series, is a beautiful tribute to designer Nathanaël Kuiper’s skill. I mean it, this thing is a masterpiece, with a WORKING piston engine and ROCKET 🚀 LAUNCHER.

But ultimately… despite the support from so many of you in our community, the Kickstarter failed 😔. The thing is, there was SO MUCH to be learned from that failure. The biggest lesson was that Playwell Bricks is a high-end brand: custom designs do not come cheap! It’s just as much work to design a set of 100 than it is a set of 1, and if Kickstarters couldn't bring in those numbers, then the focus had to be on giving corporate clients the best service possible. And THAT is where success lay. 🥳

You can read more about Kuiper's beautiful Batmobile® by finishing this quote:
"I am vengeance, I am the night..."

When Porsche Latin America came to Playwell Bricks to request a custom set of their office building as a retirement gift 🎁, photos of the structure were pulled up and pored over. 🖼 Downtown Miami’s Southeast Financial Building 🏢 is a truly stunning feat of architecture.

Now, a high-rise like this looks fantastic in bricks, but all those floors can make for a tedious build experience… and a tedious build can't be turned in to a client! After some deliberation, this was worked around by building a hidden column inside🕵️‍♂️. This column not only supports the pyramidal structure at the top, it’s also built in the iconic Porsche red🟥 and black⬛️ brand colors.

If you’d like to read more about this project, or you want to see more detailed photographs of the finished model, you know what to do!

Phew! It certainly seems like there's a lot to share with you these days, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Stay inspired out there, and remember, if you’ve been considering using Playwell Bricks for your corporate gifting needs, don’t hesitate to reach out. Let’s get started building your dreams!

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