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When Google Needed the Perfect Corporate Gifts, Playwell Bricks Delivered


In 2021, Google set out to rebrand their Vulnerability Reward Program (VRP), a program that offers significant financial rewards to ethical hackers who report security issues, also known as bugs. Teaming with Stink Studios, they reimagined the VRP program as the new Google Bug Hunters program. The goal of this rebrand was to create a more fun, playful, and community centric program than the original.

the challenge

Along with this rebrand, Google wanted their Bug Bounty Hunters to feel appreciated as the valuable assets to the search engine giant that they are. The Hunters had long been requesting swag for special occasions, and had been heard, loud and clear.

Google needed corporate gifts that were as innovative as their brand, that matched the fun and playful rebrand Stink Studios had helped them create, and that also reflected the many different aspects of what the Bug Hunters do. Google suggested custom building sets made from genuine LEGO® bricks and Stink Studios turned to-you guessed it-a Google search to find the company who could make this happen. Playwell Bricks was still relatively unknown at the time, but Stink Studios liked what they saw.

The Solution

Stink Studios approached Playwell Bricks on behalf of Google and explained that they were looking for ten unique sets, each representing a different facet of a Bug Hunter’s skill set. Playwell Bricks CEO and lead designer, Jason Pyett, handled the designs himself. In return for a brief explanation of what they anted, he delved deep into his creativity, skill, and experience as a designer to create each set.

These ten sets included:

  1. a bug, representing the security issues
  2. a gnu, representing the operating system GNU
  3. a hacker station, representing the Bug Bounty Hunters themselves
  4. a Google Doodle of Grace Hopper, a computer programming trailblazer
  5. a Zen garden overrun by bugs
  6. an Android bug, representing another operating system
  7. the Google Cloud
  8. a puzzle box, representing the challenges of a complex system
  9. a 404 robot
  10. a Google Bug Hunter Mech

As each set approached completion, the files were shared with Stink Studio’s Creative Director for feedback before they were sent to Google. The majority of the sets were selected after only minor changes, with the Google Bug Hunter Mech as a notable exception. It took six major revisions to ensure that Google was thrilled with the Mech, and all the extra time and work that went into it paid off, as it remains the most requested and beloved of the ten sets.

the results

As a result of this commission, Playwell Bricks was approved as a Google Supplier. Then, the custom sets were featured in Google’s internal newsletter, gaining serious buzz within the company. Since that initial order, the sets have been re-ordered seven times to date.


“Everyone is really pleased with the sets.” –Siân Mulligan, Senior Producer, Stink Studios.

"Working with Playwell was as joyful an experience as you would imagine. From initial concepts through to delivery, we knew we were in the safest and most creative of hands. We can't wait for the next opportunity to work together again!" - Kate Sutherland, Executive Producer, Stink Studios.

“Awesome job on the sets! You’re doing fantastic work!” – Jan Keller, Technical Program Manager, Google.

“Super popular and well-received!” – Dr. Andrew Hutchison, Technical Program Manager ISE (Information Security Engineering), Google. 

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