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Brick the Force: a Microscale Model of Skywalker Ranch

Last year, a Star Wars fan came to Playwell Bricks with an exciting commission: a custom build of none other than Skywalker Ranch in Marin County, California. Although producing the entire 4,700-acre ranch as a custom set made from genuine LEGO® bricks would make for an epic build, this particular fan wanted a microscale model of the Main House that is the iconic centerpiece of Skywalker Ranch.

The Main House is a beautiful mansion styled with Victorian and Art Deco elements where Mr. Lucas himself keeps an office. Legend has it that the interior is styled with first-growth California redwood that was reclaimed from a wooden bridge. The legend doesn’t mention Ewoks, but we suspect they were involved.

When George Lucas had this mansion built, he wanted a place that fostered creativity, something that the team here at Playwell Bricks understands very well. He wanted a place that could feel welcoming, relaxing, and cozy right next door to the most state-of-the-art technology available. If that doesn’t sound like a metaphor for bricks, we don’t know what does.

Hitting the bullseye on a design challenge like this one isn’t as easy as womp rats in your T-16 at home, but Playwell Bricks designer Garrett Gourley was up to the challenge. “When I was young, I loved watching the original Star Wars trilogy on VHS,” Gourley says. “But when Episode I The Phantom Menace came out, I was able to jump into the nerdom of Star Wars! At the same time, The LEGO® Group received the licensing for Star Wars and I remember getting as many sets as I could! So having the opportunity to build the Skywalker Ranch, the home and creator of a galaxy far, far away I was delighted.”

With experience and a Jedi’s skill at working in microscale, Gourley says he “poured myself over image after image to make sure I had every detail I could. George Lucas and LEGO® inspired me as a kid to use my imagination to build what I dreamed. So building the Skywalker Ranch let me travel to a galaxy far, far away!”

It's no secret how much Star Wars fans value their collectibles, but a bespoke brick model of Skywalker Ranch? The bragging rights are strong with this client.

Is there something that you’d love to see recreated as a custom model made from genuine LEGO® bricks for your own set of bragging rights? Contact us today and tell us your vision. Let’s build your dreams together!

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