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TWW Yachts

Last year, TWW Yachts approached Playwell Bricks about a custom set made with genuine LEGO® bricks for an event they were holding in Monaco. During an exploratory consultation with Playwell Bricks CEO Jason Pyett, they played with the ideas of three different yacht models or a micro scale of Monaco itself. Pyett sent them a few mockups and, ultimately, they settled on one of the yachts.

Pyett took on the design himself. “This is the thing I’m most proud of this past year,” he says. “It was an incredible design challenge to get that shape, for one.”

He smiles at the model he keeps of it on his desk. “It was one of those designs that I did almost automatically. It was one of those experiences of not being in control anymore, when everything is just flowing.”

After Pyett finished the design, he looked back at it with a sense of disbelief. “It was one of those ones that you ask yourself, where did that come from? It’s so intricately complex, so elegant, and it looks simple from the outside.”

Pyett points out a tiny gap in the side of the yacht’s hull. “I think this is the coolest part of this design. If I had gone up normally, there would have been a big gap in here, but I built it so that there’s a part protruding from the inside of the build on a perpendicular angle that filled that gap.” He grins. “That’s my geeking out part.”

When the design was shared with TWW Yachts, the only change they requested was the addition of a big screen TV in front of the pool, which Pyett was happy to provide.

His excitement over the design was echoed by Playwell Bricks team member Maria Kalaoglou, who completed the test build for the project. “How complex was that! I was holding my breath,” she told the team.

The rest of the project ran smoothly. In an effort to avoid customs issues and lengthy shipping times, Pyett used companies geographically close to TWW Yachts to fulfill their order of physical sets. Kalaoglou did the
test build at her home in Greece, “our supplier in Austria took care of getting the parts and getting it shipped to them. We got the boxes printed in Italy,” says Pyett. “Connecting these things geographically to the client makes a big difference in the level of service we can provide.”

TWW Yachts handed out the custom building sets at their event, and immediately Pyett received calls from other yachting and cruise line companies. This is wonderful for Playwell Bricks because “once the structure is down, any others would be very simple to do. I can use my existing knowledge from this one to make their boat,” Pyett explains.

I ask Pyett if he’s ever been on a yacht himself. He chuckles. “I’ve only ever been on the ferry to Newfoundland.”

Which just goes to show that whatever your company might need for your own bespoke brick build, Playwell Bricks will get it done and add in that wow factor. Whether you’d like a custom model of one of your products made with genuine LEGO® bricks, or something symbolic to the service you provide to foster new connections with clients, Playwell Bricks is here to build your dreams. Contact us today and see what we can do for you!


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