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Bricking the Mold: How Proximus and Playwell Bricks Assembled a Superhero for Creativity

In early 2023, Belgium telecommunications company Proximus approached Playwell Bricks with an unusual request: a custom set of a superhero made from genuine LEGO® bricks. The character of the superhero was up to Playwell Bricks, pending approval by Proximus before moving into the final design.

Playwell Bricks team member Luka Inaudi studied character design, so the initial concept of the superhero went to him. After a few sketches and feedback sessions with the other designers, the team had the initial sketches ready to share with Proximus.

After approval, the final concept was ready: a Proximus superhero with a prosthetic arm, a helmet similar to VR goggles, a flowing purple cape, and Proximus’ logo emblazoned over their chest. Using Proximus’ brand colors of white, purple, and black, the costume came to life. Playwell Bricks designer Michael Clark began shifting the design from sketch to bricks.

The design for the fabric cape went to team member Petrus Gartler. Proximus requested that the purple cape read “Proximus Business Partner,” making their partners the superheroes of the day. Custom sets like this one are such a wonderful way to show appreciation for clients and partners and strengthen the bonds you share. After all, who wouldn’t want to see themselves as a superhero?

Playwell Bricks CEO Jason Pyett had previously designed a brick model of Marvel’s Hawkeye character, so he shared the prosthetic arm from that project for Clark to use in this one. “Proximus ended up being a whole team situation, where everybody was pitching in,” Pyett says, “which turned out really well.”

Every Playwell Bricks design goes through a series of quality control checkpoints, including a test build by someone who is not the designer. In this case, the test build was completed by Playwell Bricks designer Daniel Zimmerman, who made several excellent suggestions that the team incorporated into the final design.

The only thing left to design was the custom box for the sets. Playwell Bricks’ team member Derek Bourgeois worked with the Proximus logo and fonts to design the perfect showcase for the world’s newest superhero and Proximus’ invitation, “Let’s build the future together.”

Once the packaging and branding were ready, our superhero was ready to take off on their first mission to Proximus headquarters. The Playwell Bricks team had a lot of fun bringing this project to life, from dreaming up an original superhero to the teamwork they used to pull it all together.

Hmm… I wonder what a superhero named Playwell Bricks would look like?

If your company needs its own superhero, or maybe a custom building set to celebrate your clients, contact Playwell Bricks today. Our designers are standing by to build your dreams.

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