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June 18th, 2024

👍 I've Got Some Howling Good News for Your Playful Side! 🐺

Listen, I know it's called a newsletter, but this one has a lot more news than usual. I'm going to borrow some caps and call it a NEWSletter.📰

For starters, I'm thrilled to write you that our online store is finally working! 🥳

After several months of working with our suppliers and fixing issues on our side, it is finally up and working as intended! 👷🔧

More products are on their way for unique AND affordable corporate gifting and tradeshow swag items! 🎁💎

And there's even more wonderful news! Playwell Bricks now sends out a prototype of corporate custom sets for the client’s approval BEFORE the client commits to production.🥳

Just another way to ensure that you're thrilled with your custom Playwell sets!🤗

Okay, now take a deep breath for the WILDEST news of all! You know how when you were a little kid and you spent roughly 2000% of your time PLAYING and it was awesome? 💯😄🙌

Well, it turns out that human brains are built to work BETTER when you have playtime as ADULTS too. This whole growing up thing? It doesn’t have to be awful. YOU CAN STILL PLAY.  🎉🥳

I know, it’s a game changer for me too. 🤯

And get this: when you play, it helps your brain. You’ll focus better, your creative problem-solving skills are going to improve, you’ll be more productive, and you’ll make better decisions. It won’t just do this for you, it’ll happen for your whole team, even fostering meaningful connections if you play TOGETHER.  👥👬👭

Which is why Playwell Bricks offers corporate custom sets for companies who want to make that happen for their teams. Want to read more?

Aroooooooo! Oh, excuse me, I didn’t see you there. 🐶🐾

I was just howling at the moon to tell them about the CUSTOM WOLF HEAD Playwell Bricks made for Akela Construction. 🐺 🌛

Apparently, there are no werewolves working for Akela (am I disappointed? Okay, yeah, a little), but they do have a howling wolf as their LOGO and they needed Playwell Bricks to recreate that logo in bricks for a corporate Christmas gift. Which is ALMOST as cool as being a werewolf. 🐺 🐾 🎁

Check out this project’s web page by clicking on the howl to see more photos and hear how Pedro Lara designed this one 👇

Dreams are built at Playwell Bricks! With cost-effective custom brick sets for businesses, Playwell designers help clients create UNFORGETTABLE works of art. 🎨 🖼

When it comes to corporate gifts and souvenirs, it’s crucial to find the sweet spot of quality, functionality, AND branding that makes a lasting impression on giftees and employees. 🎁 🗼 🥰

 Whether you’re looking for a trophy or functional desk décor, Playwell Bricks is committed to crafting innovative custom solutions that meet your budget. 🧮 🏆

After Virgin Voyages secured a new deal, Bain Capital was searching for a corporate gift to celebrate and commemorate with their partners. They’d heard of the popularity of custom sets made from genuine LEGO® bricks, but after reaching out to two companies already, they were beginning to think NO ONE would be able to make this happen before their deadline. 😩 😱

When they finally reached out, it was Playwell Bricks to the rescue! 🦸  😎

At this point, that deadline had grown incredibly tight, but Playwell made it happen. 🙌

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive: "Playwell did a great job… very responsive and easy to work with. The end product was a work of art!" – Marshall Comeaux, Bain Capital. 🎉 🤗

Playwell Bricks is growing!🌷 To better serve our clients, Playwell Bricks has been building up our team over the past months. We'd like to proudly introduce you to our new designers James May, John Canepa, José Bañuelos, Pedro Lara, and Kostik Poloskin! 🎉🥳🙌

We'd also like to extend a warm welcome to our support team Julie Collins, business development manager (BDM), and to our content writer, Jennifer Shelby. 🙋👋

**Double checks my notes**

Phew! I think that's all the news for this week. As always, if you need a custom Playwell Bricks set for tradeshows, events, or corporate gifting, don't hesitate to contact us today! 📞📱💻

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