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June 25th, 2024

💎Hidden Gems and First Impressions as Solid as BRICKS 🧱

Playwell Bricks, to be exact.

This week’s letter of news is all about tradeshows, donations, and I’m humble-bragging about the custom sets Playwell Bricks made for Toptal and Metso - now with more pics for your viewing pleasure. 👀👓🤩

Will I find a way to tuck a cheesy joke in there somewhere? ONLY ONE WAY TO FIND OUT. 🧐

Your team has worked hard getting you to the tradeshow, setting up a booth that looks professional and attractive, now you’ve just got to offer the tradeshow goers an unforgettable experience to stick the landing. No sweat, amirite? 🏆💪

**record scratch*

Okay, yeah, that’s the tricky bit. But don’t worry! Playwell Bricks is here to help. Our corporate custom sets offer a memorable blend of playfulness and sophistication that will attract and entice your future clients to keep thinking about your company long after the tradeshow is done. 🎉🙌

When Jason had his discovery call with Toptal, he realized he could help them with more than the modern bridge sets Playwell Brick created for them. He could also help Toptal use those bridges to connect their community through a brick workshop as well. 🌉🏘

“The workshop was all about how to effectively communicate and problem-solve,” Jason explains. So when there was a big hiccup with stickers that HE needed to problem solve as well as effectively communicate with Toptal, you COULD say he was prepared. For problem-solving, anyway. 😬 🧐

Did you know that every time Playwell Bricks hosts a corporate workshop, the bricks used in the workshop are then donated to a children’s organization? It’s true! ✔️

Playwell Bricks hasn't forgotten where it all began: hosting creativity workshops for kids. Since everything we do now is the result of working with children, this is a perfect fit. It gives the corporations as well as Playwell Bricks a chance to give back. 👪 👶🧒

Last fall, aggregate and mining technologies company Metso planned to host an online, aftermarket conference for their clientele titled Find Your Hidden Gems. The only thing missing was the perfect hidden gem of branded merchandise for a giveaway that would leave a lasting impression on their customers. 💎 💎💎

After all, what says ‘hidden gem’ more than a playful and sophisticated custom Playwell Bricks set made from genuine LEGO® bricks? 🧐

I believe I promised you a silly joke, but sadly all I have is a police report. You see, a truckload of Playwell Bricks spilled out over the highway. 🚔 📢🛣

The police have no idea what to make of them.

Luckily, you’ll never have this problem as Playwell Bricks takes great care with the instructions that come with every custom Playwell set. Contact us today to see about getting your dreams built in Playwell bricks, or maybe just to complain about my terrible jokes. 👀

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