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March 25, 2024 newsletter

You won’t believe what this Brick CEO did with this gap in a yacht hull!

He, uh. He nerded out over it.

Phew! Playwell Bricks has been working hard over the past few weeks to share our processes and adventures in bricks from our fancy new website to our social media feeds. To begin with, we shared our CEO Jason Pyett’s PRIDE AND JOY: the yacht he designed for TWW Yachts. Have a look at this beauty:

While Jason admits that he’s never been on actual yacht, he HAS been on the ferry to Newfoundland. In Atlantic Canada, that’s kind of the same thing. Sort of.

If you’d like to read more about the yacht, Jason’s experience designing it, and this gap in the hull he nerded out over, click the big button below:

We’re super excited to share Jason’s interview with Iryna Manukovska from Make Your Innovations Work. Jason loves to share his story and his passion for bricks, which really comes across in this event recording on Linkedin Live.

During that interview, Jason touches on how he uses bricks in the workshops Playwell Bricks offers. If you’d like to delve deeper into this rabbit hole, you can learn how Jason uses playable bricks to build stronger teams by clicking below:

We also posted a lovely article about the importance of play. Not all of us get to write playful newsletters or build with bricks all day, and it’s important to remember that play can helps us rest, rejuvenate, and relieve stress after a long day of adulting. Don’t believe me? Well, maybe you should read this one.

We LOVED this project we did for the SLEWTH Marine Facility. They had our hearts at “rescued sea lions” and we were thrilled to create this custom set of a very magical place.

Thanks for coming along on this peek into the playful world of Playwell Bricks! If you or your organization would like to experience the stress-relieving and team-building benefits of play for yourselves, we’re here for you. We'd also love to chat with you about designing custom brick set to commemorate important places, events, or people for your corporate gifting needs.

To set up a discovery call or request a quote, simply fill out our quick contact form through the contact us button below. We can't wait to help you build your dreams!

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