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Personal Commission

Cubone Evolves into a rare form.

Witness the enchanting collaboration between Playwell Bricks and a passionate Pokémon enthusiast, culminating in the creation of a dream. This journey unveils the meticulous process of designing and assembling a custom model of Cubone using in part, genuine LEGO® bricks, embodying the spirit of this cherished Pokémon character. Join us on this adventure of creativity and craftsmanship that turns a vivid imagination into a tangible marvel.

Diving deep into the Pokémon lore, Playwell Bricks consulted official artwork and references to truly understand Cubone's unique personality and physical characteristics. This thorough research informed the team’s design, enabling them to draft a blueprint that balanced accuracy, playability, and sophisticated building techniques, leaving no stone unturned.

Armed with an extensive collection of bricks, we meticulously pieced together Cubone, ensuring each brick contributed to faithfully rendering Cubone's iconic melancholy expression and distinct features. The team's commitment and attention to detail in this endeavor were fueled by a profound appreciation of what this project represented to the fan.

Once assembled, the Cubone model received final enhancements to bring out its realism. The detailed recreation of Cubone's bone club and the nuanced texture of its skull helmet were the result of painstaking craftsmanship.

Through the imaginative fusion of bricks and Pokémon fandom, we turned a fan’s dream into a striking reality with their exceptional custom model of Cubone. This venture underscores the limitless potential of creativity, showcasing how dedication and passion can transform dreams into existence.

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