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case study

Building Morale: How Chime Created the Perfect Welcome Back Gift for Their Employees


In 2021, Chime made the decision to shift entirely to remote work. The COVID-19 pandemic was sweeping across the globe and this seemed the safest option for their staff as well as the best way to keep their financial technology business thriving. The efforts by every member of their team to make remote work possible proved challenging, innovative, and most importantly: successful.

The challenge

As the pandemic waned and life returned to normal, Chime was eager to welcome their teams back to the office. Despite Chime’s excitement, they also knew that this could be a challenging transition for employees who had grown used to working from home. Chime needed to find a welcome back gift that would make this transition back to the office as positive and welcoming as possible. After all, they’d come through a difficult time together.

the solution

Chime approached us to see if Playwell Bricks would be able to create six hundred custom sets made from genuine LEGO® bricks of a computer desk similar to the ones we created for Google. Jason was able to quickly modify this desk to better suit an office setting. We created stickers with the Chime logo for the desktop computer and their smaller, C logo to put on a coffee mug and laptop.

In addition to the desk, Chime requested that each model come with a minifig set complete with different accessories so each employee could style their minifig after themselves. We loved this thoughtful idea and we’re sure the Chime employees did as well!

the results

Playwell Bricks delivered the six hundred sets to the Chime offices, delighting their employees. Their welcome back was a success and Chime’s offices are bustling with staff once again.

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