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Personal Commission

This Castle is not so Grim.

Castle Grim, the abode of Death himself and his queen, is enveloped in lore, mystery, and, admittedly, some rather unpleasant surprises for the unwary explorer. This custom set made with, in part, genuine LEGO® bricks , brought anything but gloom to our team. It presented an engaging challenge as we delved into the various aspects of this formidable fortress, both in its physical structure and its underlying essence. In conceptualizing Castle Grim, we approached the fortress not just as a structure but as a character unto itself. The "face" of the castle, with its flat surfaces mirroring those carved from the surrounding mountain, leveraged the strengths of the bricks—predominantly their capacity for constructing in linear shapes. However, imbuing these angular forms with a semblance of organic life to capture the castle's character required inventive solutions. The finishing touch was a smaller castle, serving as a regal crown atop the main structure. The client behind Castle Grim has repeatedly brought us challenges that stretch our creative limits, and this project was no exception. We reveled in the opportunity to unravel the enigmas of Castle Grim and eagerly anticipate our next venture into custom creations for them!

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