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Build Excitement... Build Your Brand... Build Your Dreams!

Playwell Bricks is ready for bigger and better in 2024!

2024 is here and we’re feeling ambitious… throw your coolest, weirdest, and most out-of-the-box ideas at us! We’re ready!

Here’s a few goals we have for 2024, and we would love to achieve them with you!


Who wouldn’t love to work with the big brands… Disney, Tesla, Apple? After working with Google a number of times, we would love the opportunity to make more of the big guys creative dreams come true! We’re also looking at you, Microsoft, Space X, and IBM.

Who knows which companies we’ll get to work with… that’s the exciting part!

Our work with Google has been one of our proudest achievements! We have created 10 different designs with them, ranging from a model of the Google Chrome logo to small “G” model sets for an employee appreciation
giveaway! Playwell Bricks would love to continue expanding the Google line in 2024.

We also have big ambitions for big installations!! During 2023, Coachella came to us wanting to build an installation for their upcoming event. We had 40 experienced designers ready to make their dreams a reality!

Unfortunately, they chose not to pursue the project… but we are with you! You can count on us to create a world-class installation or workshop experience for your company.


What’s the best way to get your team on the same page? Our workshops focus on your company’s values, culture, and mindset to cultivate a healthy, enthusiastic, and efficient workplace!

This year, we would like to foster better engagement and interdepartmental communication within your company! It can be hard for your employees to feel a sense of community… we’re here to help!

“If you have 50 people, you have 50 different ways that thy want to work and interact with each other… turn it into a cohesive environment. Culture drives everything in the business for productivity and employee happiness, and
culture is not a pizza party. Much more interesting to tackle.” – Jason Pyett, President + Lead Designer

One of our favourite workshops is the One Brick Workshop, which focuses on building intradepartmental connections and communication and what you can build with one brick versus 50 bricks.

“LEGO® bricks become the base of what everyone can relate to. We can use it to deal with HR issues while all we’re doing is playing with bricks. It bypasses all prejudice and defense. We immediately start with joy, which is unique. You’ll watch CEOs light up like its Christmas day… everybody’s happy, everybody’s joyful.” - Jason Pyett, President + Lead Designer

What's next?

We have big dreams for 2024! From facilitating big installations to bigger teambuilding workshops, we’re ready for all of it!

We would love to chat with you to see how we can get more people to engage with your brand… there’s nothing more powerful than having someone literally build your brand from bricks!

Getting a more productive workplace is one step away: play! With Playwell Bricks, we will help you use play to create higher productivity and efficiency.

Send us a message, we’re eager to help you play in 2024!

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