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From Chaos to Clarity: Playwell Bricks' Custom Dump Truck Delivers for Orchestry

Some commissions take a little extra time to come around, like the custom playable brick sets that Playwell Bricks designed for Orchestry, a software service that helps companies manage Microsoft365.

After an initial consultation, Orchestry decided to go with a different design company. “It happens,” says Playwell Bricks CEO Jason Pyett.

But Orchestry wasn’t happy with that other company, and so returned to Playwell Bricks. “This is why I always say that we’re more expensive, but there’s a reason why,” Pyett explains. “The value we provide is far higher than anybody else and our level of service is far higher as well.”

After explaining what they didn’t like about the design from the other company, Orchestry told Pyett that they wanted something that would appeal to geeks.

“Their service revolves around taking chaos and turning it into order,” says Pyett.

Orchestry went on to explain the nature of the event and the themes of their software as a clean-up crew for their clients. “They mentioned something about a dump truck,” Pyett recalls, “and I said yes! We can totally do a dump truck.”

Pyett started in on the design right away. “It’s a really small dump truck with dumpster arms to lift a bin and flip it up.”

The dumpster arms were the most challenging part of the design. Pyett wanted them to be as strong as possible, so he turned to the Playwell Bricks team to collaborate on the best way to build those arms. After some back and forth, “they improved the design very quickly, and we moved into production.”

Mistakes happen...

About a week and half before the project was to be delivered, Orchestry contacted Playwell Bricks about a problem. Despite signing off on all the design proofs Pyett had sent, an issue with a transparent section of Orchestry’s logo had somehow gone unnoticed. While it wasn’t our fault, the Playwell Bricks team still scrambled to get replacement stickers printed and into Orchestry’s custom sets.

“We had everything fixed and delivered with two days to spare,” Pyett remembers. “Ahead of schedule.” Orchestry was thrilled, just as we were thrilled when they posted a video of one of their team members building their custom set on Linkedin.

“Mistakes happen, even at the highest levels sometimes,” Pyett says. “Going back to that value statement, that’s the level of service we do. Even when it’s not our fault, we will push as much as we can to make the needed changes.”

If your company has an event or a milestone coming up that you need a bespoke build made from genuine LEGO® bricks for, you can be confident that you’ll receive the same level of service from Playwell Bricks as you read about here. Even if you’re not sure what you’d like for a custom brick model, an exploratory consultation with our CEO Jason Pyett will help determine what model would best suit your needs. Contact us today and build your dreams!

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