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How a Playwell Bricks Exploratory Call Works


When you first contact Playwell Bricks, you’ll embark on what CEO Jason Pyett refers to as an exploratory call. This initial conversation is crucial for understanding your needs and aspirations. "I always start by saying I’m glad you got in touch with us and connect. I’d love to hear the inspiration behind your call.”

Initial Interactions

Typically, new clients come across Playwell Bricks’ custom sets at tradeshows or on someone's desk. Companies are naturally drawn to the build metaphor because they are building something themselves, which acts as a source of inspiration. "Then I try to dig a little deeper, especially if they don’t know what they want," Jason adds.

This is a significant step, as the Playwell team recognizes that selecting the perfect gift can be a stressful task. It requires a considerable amount of creative energy to choose something meaningful for a large group of people. While some clients have a knack for this, others may find it challenging.

Understanding Your Needs

It's important to remember that it doesn't matter if you know exactly what you want when you set up your exploratory call. If you have a clear vision of what you want, know your audience, and have a set budget, that's fantastic. However, Jason acknowledges that one out of four Playwell clients doesn't have all the answers, and that's perfectly fine.

"Sometimes a client comes to us with a budget in mind, but they don’t have an idea, or they know they want something specific, but they have very a limited budget," Jason explains. "Budgets are important. If you give us a budget or a cost percentage to work with, we can reverse-engineer a set idea that fits within those constraints."

Regardless of which scenario you fall into, Playwell Bricks will tailor our approach to you.

tailored to your audience

Next, Jason will ask questions about who the gift is intended for. Whether the sets are for a children's organization or professionals, Playwell ensures the product aligns with the audience's needs.

Discovering your core purpose

Once the budget is established, Jason delves deeper into understanding what your company actually does. "A lot of companies think they do one thing, but they actually do something else," Jason points out. For example, an insurance company might believe they sell insurance, but in reality, they're providing security and peace of mind. An IT company may think they're selling organizational tools, but they're actually selling things to make their clients’ lives easier. Similarly, Playwell Bricks doesn't just design custom sets; our team creates brand engagement.

creative process

Jason thrives on these conversations as part of the creative process and leans into discussions to uncover the abstract qualities of the companies he collaborates with. "Usually, these conversations shake loose an idea that we can work with," he notes. "You can take something ordinary and turn it into something that becomes an extraordinary experience for everyone."

He's proven this time and again by creating things like puzzle boxes out of company logos or 3-in-1 builds based on a client’s business practices. He not-so-secretly hopes to create a Transformers™-type set for a client one day, because the Playwell team loves a challenge.


In conclusion, the exploratory call at Playwell Bricks is a tailored process that allows the team to deeply understand your needs, goals, and audience. This ensures the creation of a memorable and meaningful gift that resonates with everyone involved. "Because that’s what I’m always trying to do," Jason concludes, "create an experience out of what we’re doing for our clients."

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