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Bricks, Blocks, and Beyond: Cytiva’s Custom Medical Device Models

Last spring, an employee of global life sciences leader Cytiva reached out to Playwell Bricks with an idea for a custom brick set of one of their products. “We didn’t know yet if the marketing team would be on board,” Playwell Bricks CEO Jason Pyett says. “I drafted up a concept for them and they loved it. The marketing team loved it.”

Things went quiet for a few months until another branch of Cytiva contacted Pyett. They liked the definition and the details of his designs and wanted “more of that size, but of different machines that they produce.” Playwell Bricks ended up creating four custom Playwell sets of Cytiva’s medical devices, including that original concept Pyett drafted.

Originally, Cytiva wanted 2,500 sets with a six-week turnaround and Pyett let them know right away that we couldn’t make that deadline. “Six weeks is just not enough time for those numbers,” Pyett explains, “unless everything is just perfect, everything’s ready to go and there are no questions, no changes needed.” Experience has taught him just how rarely that happens.

His gut was right. The first challenge was packaging changes Cytiva requested after the order for the packaging was already sent. After that was handled, a second request to change the packaging came in. “It’s no fault of anybody, really, but with these bigger corporations, there are multiple stakeholders involved and multiple contacts. It takes time for everyone to get feedback in and details get lost,” Pyett explains.

“We had to stop production on the packages, and then relaunch each time,” he says, “so the packaging was delayed.” Given the challenges, Pyett tells me, “I’m proud of the time frame that we were able to get them out in.”

He glows when he remembers how the team quickly regrouped and found solutions to get everything back on track. “We got the whole project done in ten weeks, and Cytiva was super happy with it." Even better, “they’re asking if we’ll do another project for them!”

It’s always a thrill when a client returns for more custom brick sets. This shows that they’re not only satisfied with our service, but it also demonstrates the value of custom models in forging meaningful connections with their own clients.

If you’d like to see how Playwell Bricks can help build your dreams as well, contact us today! The Playwell Bricks team will work with you to determine what ideas best represent your brand and the dreams that you’re building.

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