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How Playwell Bricks’ Experience with International Shipping Serves You

Experience can be an invisible value-add to a company, but it can also be one of the most vital. International shipping was one of the biggest challenges Playwell Bricks faced in its early days. Whether it was delays due to international customs or damages due to customs handling, Playwell has had to scramble for their clients on multiple occasions.

At best, the delays were an inconvenience, but at their worst, they risked missing an event or deadline altogether. Playwell Bricks’ CEO Jason Pyett knew that Playwell’s clients deserved better. “If Playwell Bricks was going to continue working at the level that we were, this had to stop.”

Understanding trickled in as Pyett analyzed every shipment that went wrong. Large shipments should be broken up into several smaller ones so as not to flag undue attention. Likewise with value amounts. But Pyett still wasn’t satisfied. Once he finished analyzing the shipping procedures that didn’t work, he started analyzing the ones that did.

The custom Playwell sets made from genuine LEGO® bricks created for TWW Yachts stood out as a shining example of perfectly expedited shipping. “It was flawless.” As Pyett looked closer, the reasons became clear. “I used companies that were geographically close to TWW Yachts to fulfill their order,” he remembers. “I had a team member in Greece do the test build, and our supplier in Austria took care of getting the parts and getting it shipped to them. We got the boxes printed in Italy.”

That’s where the secret lay. “Connecting these things geographically to the client makes a big difference in the level of service we can provide.” Because the sets weren’t travelling as far or crossing as many borders, there were fewer shipping challenges and delays due to custom agencies.

“This kind of thing you don’t learn until you’re in the thick of it.” Now that Playwell Bricks has figured out how to play well with international shipping, it’s something that is then turned over to benefit you, as a Playwell client.

Interested in putting Playwell Bricks’ experience to use creating custom sets for your upcoming event or tradeshow? Contact us today, let’s build your dreams!

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