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Gifts with that Wow! Factor

The true challenge in gifting lies in making an impact, in standing out with a gift that is trying to achieve the same thing every other gift is trying to achieve: to instigate that first, eye-widening realization, that gasp of delight that children feel when they receive a gift they’ve long coveted. Or better yet, the unexpected wonder of something they never expected that hits exactly the right notes of play and adventure.

Sometimes, that challenge is too much. It takes so much time to find such a gift, and so much effort to even think of what it could be. Time and effort that you need to expend on your business, not gifts.

If only there was a way to make all of this easier on you, so you can back to the business of YOUR purpose and passion.

Something that would evoke the memory of Christmas morning as a child. Racing through the practical gifts, the socks, the nice pair of gloves. But then - a box that rattles. Your giftee recognizes the sound from their childhood: bricks clattering together. Their heart rate increases. They tear at the wrapping paper, just enough to see a brick peeking through and they chuckle, hands tearing off the rest of the paper and imagine–a custom Playwell set of something that represents a big job they’d worked on.

Their mouth hangs open and they’re too overwhelmed to say anything just yet. They’re still absorbing that this is real. Then they’re clicking the bricks into place, and watching their new set come alive as they excitedly tell their family how this special set relates to the work they do.

“When an adult is immersed in building with bricks, that’s the closest thing to the feeling of Christmas as a kid that we can get,” Playwell Bricks CEO Jason Pyett explains. “I’ve seen executives tear open a custom Playwell set with the same enthusiasm, the same excitement as a kid opening a LEGO® set on Christmas morning.”

Tapping into that sense of nostalgia and having someone associate those feelings with your brand? That’s magic. Custom Playwell Bricks sets not only delight, they inspire, and harnessing these qualities can give a corporate gift that Wow! factor.

If your company needs a corporate Christmas gift with that elusive Wow! factor, now is the time to book your Discovery Call. The more time Playwell has to build your dream, the more Wow! is packed into the build. Contact us via the button below and to bring your corporate gift giving dreams to life.

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