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We regularly create new video content for our fans. All our videos can be found on the Playwell Bricks YouTube channel.

Building Plate walls – Video Tutorial

I use LEGO® math to show you how to build walls in a vertical style and how to add decorative windows. In this video you will find FREE instructions for a LEGO® Minecraft MOC. You can find the Minecraft MOC here on Build a MOC, don’t forget to add the promo code for a 10%…

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How do you measure LEGO®?

I explore how to use LDUs to accurately measure LEGO® elements to create the exact shapes you want in your models. As an added bonus in side you will find out how to claim FREE instructions to a custom LEGO® “Among Us” fig!Thanks to Tips and Bricks for the infographics – us for details on…

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LEGO® MOC Design Tutorial – Introduction to LEGO® Math!

In this video I explain the basics of LEGO® math and show you how to apply that by making a simple window frame and disc. Thanks to Tips and Bricks for the infographicsContact us for details on your own custom LEGO® designs, parts, prints, stickers, or instructions

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