For all who know the story of the Game of Thrones revolves around the Stark family who have their home in Winterfell. From the first scenes of Bran climbing through the towers to the final epic battle Winterfell Castle dominates the landscape. Its complex interweaving of age, architecture and connections with the Wierwood make it a truly evocative setting.

This project is a huge multi-phase project which will be designed over a few years.

This was designed to be modular so, each of the wall sections can be easily setup or taken down. All together there are forty-two unique sections in the outer walls, so that at no point does it look repetitive.

The first phase was the outer walls which measure 188.7″ (477.1 cm) long, 83.7″ (21.26cm) wide and 10.3″ (26.2cm) high! This design has 62831 pieces and took three months to complete!