Why, its Greased Lightning!!!

We got chills when asked to do this special commission. Why, its Greased Lightning in LEGO bricks!!!

Our client is a big fan of the Grease franchise and wanted the two iconic cars to go with the LEGO minifigures he has of the characters. To take on that challenge was a thrill!

This LEGO design presented us with the opportunity to really show what our graphic design team could do with a design like this.

It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, it’s what you do with your dancin’ shoes.”

It started with one of our former designers taking on the challenge and putting his years of graphic design experience to work. He did a fantastic job on the decals and the look was perfect! Unfortunately, his initial LEGO models did not meet our client’s expectations. As we always aim to exceed our clients expectations so Jason, our lead designer, jumped into do a revision. This time we nailed it, as you can see!

Of course, with a revision in design, there needs to be a revision of the graphics. Thankfully Johnathan, our resident graphic guru, lent a hand to take the earlier graphics work and adapt it to the new models. It always takes a great team to come up with a great design, and these cars are no exception!

The real trick with this LEGO design, we getting the shapes and proportions right for the cars on such a small scale. Using the LEGO set #40448 as an inspiration, Jason completely overhauled that design. While keeping a few of the design elements, he was able to follow the sleek lines of these cars. He even managed to include the low rider profile of Hell’s Chariot.

“…this car is LEGO-matic! Why, its Greased Lightning!!!

I hope you enjoy the end results as much as we enjoyed designing them! A big shout out to Ashlin Ramsay Photography and Million-prints.com for making these look spectacular!

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