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My name is Peter Furstenberg. I am a South African fan of LEGO, collector and MOC builder.

As with many kids, LEGO has been a big part of my childhood. I grew up with a handful of sets, which turned into many creations. The only limitation was my imagination.

I started my collection of LEGO in my early 20s, around 1999, where a few Technic and Star Wars caught my eye. I added sets over the years, mostly focusing on the bigger sets. I’ve been consistently adding to the collection over the last 20 years. Today, I focus mainly on the modular building sets and larger sets that catch my interest.

Around five years ago, I joined the zaLUG (South African LEGO User Group) and discovered a whole new family of like-minded LEGO fans like me. My focus turned to MOC building around a year and a half ago, mainly focusing on modular builds. With much interest around my work, I was asked to design a model for the new LEGO Certified Store in Canal Walk, Cape Town.

In 2019 my interest in the LEGO community started to grow. I have some background in television production and decided to produce a YouTube show called BlockBlaze. It revolves around the South African LEGO community through interviews and showcasing their interests and work. Visit for more information.
Download my portfolio from for more information about my work as a MOC designer.

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