Orange Hand Campaign

In light of all the tragedies revealed about the residential school system in Canada, we wanted to do something meaningful, in a show of support for the indigenous communities in Canada.

To that end, we have decided to launch the Orange Hand Campaign, to spread awareness about the issue and demand action be taken to hold those responsible accountable.

We invite you to join us to give a voice to the children who no longer have one, and build one, or many, of these hands. Further, for those who want to truly show your support, and send a clear message, we would ask that you send as many built copies of these as you wish to the Canadian Prime Minister’s Office. All the information you need on how to do so is contained in the instructions.

As a wonderful show of support for this campaign, Dan Nuata, who runs the Bricklink Store Dan the Brick Man, has offered a 15% discount on all orders for the parts for this build! He asks that you send him a message prior to making your order, so that he can process it correctly.

We thank you sincerely for being a part of this campaign, and truly hope it will shed much needed light on this issue, and will help in building the change we wish to see.

Warmest Regards and Keep Dreaming in Bricks,
Playwell Bricks Team

Click to download the instructions and parts list.

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