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Mansion Solarium and Back Turrets

With the Brookside Mansion solarium and back turrets, along with the back wall added, we are 2/3rds of the way through the build! I have laid about 42,000 pieces to date with about 12,000 more to go!When I first looked at this project, like all mansions, I assumed the back would be very low key…

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Brookside Mansion Build Update

I have been putting many hours in on the mansion and here is the latest Brookside Mansion build update. I have (nearly) completed three more sections of the mansion. These sections took about two days each. The build is coming together much faster than I anticipated which is a good thing, I am on a…

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Custom Studio Parts

Not all parts a designer wants are available in Studio designer, Luka, our digital modeler is fantastic at creating custom Studio parts.We have a very good repeat client who has requested many parts in the past from us, to cover the lack of certain parts in Studio. The latest parts he had asked for had…

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Brookside Mansion LEGO Build Commences!

We are very excited to share with you the first picture of the Brookside Mansion LEGO build! We have been commissioned to provide this model for public display at St. Francis University in Fort Wayne, Indiana. First though, it will be displayed at Brickworld Fort Wayne this October!I will be putting in many late nights…

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New Additions to our Custom LEGO Design Team!

We are very happy to announce the addition of two new team members to our custom LEGO design team! Maria and Luka are both very talented individuals who will greatly contribute to the LEGO services we offer to our clients. From Maria”Hello everyone,My name is Mind the Brick aka Maria Kalaoglou and I was born…

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St. Mary’s Rosette LEGO Design

One of the most striking features of St. Mary’s Church in Westport is its rosette, which I endeavored to stay as faithful as possible when doing the rosette LEGO design. One thing that always gets asked when we do a large architectural building is, if there is an interior. The Westport Church commission is first…

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LEGO St. Mary’s Church Exterior

We would like to present St. Mary’s Church in Westport, Ireland! This model was commissioned by a LEGO collector who loves her town, the beautiful seaside town of Westport in Co. Mayo, Ireland. She originally planned on adding it to her family’s huge LEGO city, but upon seeing the detailed work we put into it,…

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LEGO Roof Prototypes for St. Mary’s Church

I had to do some LEGO roof prototypes for the display model of St. Mary’s Church in Westport, Ireland, we are currently working on. As much as I love digital design, sometimes it is great to get the bricks out and test your ideas. I wanted to make sure the roof sections I designed were…

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LEGO Lovebird featured on LEGO SA!

One of very talented designers, Peter Furstenberg, entered a LEGO Lovebird design for a contest through his local LEGO store. The contest was centered around taking a existing LEGO set and creating an alternate design for it. He did a spectacular job but designing a very colourful Lovebird.For this contest the set used was 40477…

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A very special Custom LEGO Design

It is not often in life, that when fulfilling your dreams, you can fulfill another person’s dream. We had a very special commission request for a custom LEGO design come in, from a mother for her autistic adult son.He had drew a monster that he wanted turned into a LEGO model, because he absolutely loves…

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