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Kale Frost – LEGO® Design

“Hi, I’m Kale Frost, a Melbourne based LEGO artist and creator. I was working as a Graphic Designer when it all started.


My son had ended up in Intensive Care. He’s fine, and nine, and living his best life now – But I didn’t know if he would be then; and turned to LEGO as a way of getting through that time.

It snowballed quickly from there. I began to receive recognition for both my LEGO building skills, and LEGO photography skills. Much of which you can find at https://www.instagram.com/frostbricks.

LEGO Present

Within a few years, LEGO related work, ranging from commissioned builds, to photography, to LEGO event hosting, had become the focus of my business. You’ve probably even seen me on TV as a controversial Australian LEGO Master.

My LEGO building philosophy is all about passion and positivity. It’s about creating and inspiring. I love creating highly detailed, minifigure scales worlds – and inviting people into them. And I love unlocking and celebrating the creative potential of those around me. I’m always looking for the next big challenge!”

LEGO Future

We look forward to working with Kale on the Playwell Bricks Team, to create some amazing designs for our clients! With his amazing creativity and experience in design, we will be able to work together to build some amazing creations for our clients!

If you wish to have a custom LEGO design done by Kale Frost, please contact us.

You can follow all the projects Kale works on by following us on Facebook and Instagram.

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