Jason Pyett

Jason Pyett is a freelance LEGO designer, who loves to tackle challenging designs. He always seeks out projects that will challenge his creative abilities.

He got his start in LEGO design by voluntarily hosting LEGO workshops for school children and teaching them how to be creative with their LEGO bricks. This led him on the path to start experimenting with ways he could use LEGO bricks to create interesting shapes. From there he began taking on commissions from clients around the world and has approached each project, large or small, with great attention to detail and form.

He started his design company, Playwell Bricks as a non-profit to fund the workshops he put on for the students, which eventually developed into Playwell Bricks Design Studios.

Jason is very passionate about teaching people to be creative and believes that creative expression is the cornerstone of finding fulfillment in life. He understands LEGO bricks are a fantastic tool for turning your imagination into reality and are a great way to explore many concepts like engineering, math and design.

He hopes you will enjoy his designs and that it inspires you to create something for yourself.

Keep Dreaming in Bricks!

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