Custom LEGO Legacy Tower model

Our client is very pleased with the end result of the Legacy Tower custom LEGO design.

Not too shabby for the first time designing a LEGO skyscraper 😉 As with all our firsts, I learned a lot in the process and am ready to do something even more challenging next time.

This building was a big challenge for a first micro skyscraper for a variety of reasons. Starting with the roof, the shape of the actual roof is a truncated pyramid, which provided a real challenge to capture a similar shape in LEGO bricks. I used a variety of different connections to achieve that affect.

After that was the construction of the tower floors, each is built sideways, and have to be built sturdy enough for travelling to LEGO shows around the country. I used various stud on the side connections to get the window spacing correct and get the floors to butt out where needed.

Finally the base of the tower has a curving entrance, which I wanted it to flow with the rest of building and integrate seamlessly. This took a long time to figure out, but the results speak for themselves 🙂

Overall, I am incredibly happy with the final model, and the client says this is the jewel of his collection, which was a high compliment considering he has works done by many other fantastic LEGO designers.

I am looking forward to my next micro architectural model and am excited for the challenges it brings and the new things I will learn in its design.

If you wish to have a custom LEGO architectural design created exclusively for you, please contact us.

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