Commission Services

Do you have a project that you would love to see designed? Something amazing that would look fantastic on your display shelves or something to “Wow!” visitors to your business or attraction? Or maybe you have a smaller project in mind that you would love to see become a reality. Either way, if you have a LEGO® project in mind, we would gladly discuss your idea with you and create something even better than you could have imagined. Commission us to bring your next idea to life!

We have designed many different styles of models, from large scale models down to the micro scale and worked with clients around the world. We thrive on any challenging design you have in mind. You can see the versatility of our design skills by looking at the gallery on the website.

Our design fee varies according to the project. The easier and less complex the design the lower the fee per part. Also, if a project has many repeatable elements that will lower the fee. The number of parts all depends upon what scale or budget my client has in mind. Larger designs tend to have smaller cost per part than smaller more intricate designs.

The design will include a digital design file, a PDF version of the instructions and a parts list. Our designs can also include creating custom parts, printed bricks, stickers and/or a printed instruction manual, as premium services we extend to our clients.

Our design fee does not include the cost of bricks, as sometimes the client wishes to buy the bricks for themselves and build it. We can get the bricks in and do a test build then ship the project out a complete kit to them, if desired. Our client will be responsible to cover the cost of the shipping and parts, of course.

We require a 10% deposit after the cost of the project is agreed upon before we begin. We are willing to make arrangements with our clients or work in stages to make it easier for them to budget their finances.

When you’re ready to commission your project, please contact us with your ideas and we will be glad to further discuss your project and provide a quote. I would be happy to work with you to turn your ideas into reality! If you have any other questions feel free to ask.

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