Carlos Serratos

My name is Carlos and I’m really excited to be part of the team. I grew up in southern California where I was fortunate to live in a place surrounded by culture, nature, and science. As a child I loved spending time at museums, learning how things work and creating my own toys from spare parts. My parents fostered my curiosity and introduced me to Lego and various other building toys. After high school, I served in the U.S. Marine Corps as an aircraft mechanic working on airframes and hydraulic systems.

After my time in the military I had a choice of what career to pursue; engineering or biology. I chose the latter and attended Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi (BS) and the University of Alaska-Fairbanks (MS). I have held a wide variety of jobs during, after and in between my educational programs including training raptors, remote backcountry work and GIS database management.

I currently live in Nova Scotia Canada with my wife and two children and am a stay-at-home father. About a year ago I started photographing some of my Lego sets for fun and somehow my collection of Lego grew exponentially. I became an AFOL and that’s how I came across Jason and the work that he does.

The unifying themes of the varied skills and experiences that I have are that I am curious, adventurous, and up for any challenge. I hope that this new endeavour will be fun and rewarding and that I can contribute to this amazing team of talented individuals.


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