Brookside Mansion

We are very proud to unveil our most challenging work to date, The Brookside Mansion! The mansion was originally constructed in 1889 by the industrialist John H. Bass. It now serves as the administration building for the University of Saint Francis, in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
The Sisters of Saint Francis of Perpetual Adoration acquired the building in 1944 and converted it into a university. Originally the mansion was the only building to house the university but, as the university campus grew, it served in many roles and, as mentioned, now serves as the administration building.

In 2009, the Sisters began a restoration of the building and did a breathtaking job of bringing it back to its original glory while modernizing it where needed.

It is truly a spectacular architectural delight and a dream design for any LEGO designer. I was truly honoured to be chosen for such a monumental task. Eventually, this will be built in real life and placed on public display inside the mansion.

Designer: Jason Pyett
Part Count: 63807
Dimensions: 51.3″ x 54.2″ x 31.1″
Weight: 133.75 lbs
Design Time: 2 months