LEGO Aku from Samurai Jack

AKU from Samurai Jack LEGO model

Maria did a wonderful job on her very first commission with us, by designing AKU from Samurai Jack LEGO model! This model was commissioned by a client who had worked with us previously and wanted to add Aku to his growing collection of Playwell Bricks models!

If you are unfamiliar with Samurai Jack, Aku is the main villain in the show and is a shape shifting Demon whose intent on ruling the world.

Design Challenges

Like all organic models rendered in LEGO form, this model presented a number of challenges to get the shaping correct. Maria used a variety of different techniques to get the final result. She had to prototype a few section in brick form to make sure they were stable and the fit was perfect.

She spent a lot of time making sure the proportions were correct as well, especially around the face and arms.

Finished Model

All of Maria’s hard work paid off with the final version of the AKU model. She was able to perfectly capture the shape of the body, and most importantly the head. The arms move which adds a level of dynamism to the model.

She did an absolutely fantastic job and the client is incredibly happy with the final result. I am sure the AKU from Samurai Jack LEGO model, will make a great addition to his growing collection of exclusive models from us!

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